We live in a place far away from the sea

Our turf Factory is located in Banyeres de Mariola, province of Alicante but 63 minutes from the sea. At Albergrass we have been manufacturing artificial turf for more than 10 years and we are heirs of an industrial tradition of more than 50 years.

Manufacturing your own turf seems a no-brainer, but not so much when you discover that many of the websites that offer you grass do not actually produce it, they only import it from who-knows-where.

We do
We do!

And we're proud to say it because not all sellers manufacture their own turf.

It is not a great idea, it is just logical

Albergrass uses the fibres of Mattex Yarns® or Ten Cate Thiolon™ to manufacture artificial turf; the most respected in the world.

We use the best raw material to manufacture the best turf.

We manufacture the best turf to give the best guarantee.

We give the best guarantee to have satisfied customers.

It is logical, right

written guarantee

Our commitment: three written guarantees.

1. We guarantee in writing that the turf will maintain a constant color for a minimum of X years, that X is variable depending on the type of turf you choose. Thus each Albergrass turf guarantees in written its years of color. It's not because we have any magic potion, it is only the consequence of researching and using the best fibres in the manufacturing process of our products. We manufacture with high performance raw materials that better resist exposure to UV rays. Also, following our maintenance tips you'll have an optimal turf for much longer.

2. We guarantee in writing the fire resistance rating of each of our turfs.

3. We guarantee in writing that each of our turfs is a product manufactured in Spain. The demanding Spanish Certificate of Origin seal proves it.

We do manufacture,
we do guarantee.

Up close and from afar

Up close

Albergrass is the first company in its sector that has obtained the OEC label: Spanish Certificate of Origin. This distinction certifies the Spanish origin of Albergrass turf. To achieve this label of guarantee, OEC carries out an exhaustive audit to ensure that the manufacturing process is carried out in Spain and that the company has a Research and Development department in the national territory. A value that is a guarantee of quality and service.

Does any other artificial turf offer you this certification and guarantee?

And we say that because it seems that others manufacture one or two products in Spain and use the label as if it were valid to prove the origin of the rest of the products that they import. So now you know: what matters is to ask if the particular turf you are interested in is guaranteed to have been produced in Spain with European quality standards or has been produced who-knows-where.

From afar

Albergrass is a member of ESTC: EMEA Synthetic Turf Council. This is the European Association for the creation of quality standards in the field of artificial turf and brings together the main manufacturers of the old continent.

Companies and institutions concerned with the research and development for the improvement of artificial turf are part of this association.

An association that is configured as the leading international player in the sector.

What any artificial turf does,
including ours

All artificial turf saves water (it’s ecological), saves mowing it (it's more time for you), saves garden maintenance (it's an investment). You will have this with any artificial turf (included, of course, ours), but that doesn't mean that everything they promise you is true.

Or at least it does not mean that it is true for the same number of years with turf in good condition, or for the same result of turf that recovers verticality after being stepped on (and not in "carpet mode"). And of course it won't be true regarding the same guarantees which, in Albergrass are, by the way, in writing.

What only
ours does


Instant Recovery® by Albergrass or how to stand

The Instant Recovery® technology offers the best recovery of the turf after being stepped on. A special design that uses Nylon as a base and which makes the turf stand on the first day, stand up after being stepped on and continue to recover verticality after many years.


Feelgood® by Albergrass or how to be cooler

With the Feelgood® solution the artificial turf heats up less. Normal artificial turf absorbs heat from the sun's rays, which can mean uncomfortable temperatures on the surface. Albergrass turf with Feelgood® refracts sunlight and dissipates heat into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it, which results in a cooler turf.

Natural Look® by Albergrass or how to seem more real than the real one

The Natural Look® solution provides the turf with a rough surface at the microscopic level which helps disperse light rays, thus offering a lower degree of reflection. In this way, Albergrass turf with Natural Look® shines less and has a more natural appearance under all light conditions.


Static-free® by Albergrass, goodbye to the "sparks" forever

With the Static-free® solution, we achieve artificial turf that is antistatic permanently. Goodbye to the "sparks".

Endurance Pro® by Albergrass, stronger turf, for longer

The sports turf made with Endurance Pro has a higher resistance to wear. Perfect for paddle, tennis or multi-sport turf, Endurance Pro means more years, better game, more savings, and a better investment.

logo ver de verde ultracare

Our triple
action product

VER de Verde ULTRACARE is the first fragance that, in addition to smelling of freshly cut grass, helps keep the turf in hygienic conditions for the whole family. It’s also biodegradable, therefore, it smells good and it protects people, pets and the planet.

to last

Made with precision: with the right amount of microns in fiber, at least 100 microns in each part of the fiber, in combination with the suitable Decitex to the type of use intended for the lawn. To last means that our turf has an estimated lifespan of 15 years.

All about

Albergrass turf stands out for its balance between softness, resilience (recovery when stepped on) durability and aesthetics. This is why you may find a softer turf, but it will definitely be less resilient, or less durable, or bear a less pleasing aesthetic than ours. This is why you may find a more resilient turf, but it will definitely be less soft, or less durable, or bear a less pleasing aesthetic than an Albergrass turf. Because no turf is better in balance, because Albergrass is Pure Balance.

If it’s your garden, we're talking about something personal

This is not about selling meters of turf for us, this is all about helping each client choose the turf that best suits their needs and has the easiest installation. And we're motivated by pure selfishness: so that each client is satisfied and thus (perhaps) recommends us. That is why we make counselling something personal.

Enjoy them

Although we're only an hour away from the sea, we can almost smell it.

We are Mediterranean and that’s how we know how good outdoor life can be. Maybe that’s why we care so much about using our technology to create gardens worth enjoying every minute of.