Delta II

There’s no mistaking a good thing.

Unquestionably attractive.

Created with colour engineering for a natural appearance: a dark green and olive green surface combined with a straw brown and deep green thatch. Delta II features Natural look® technology to deflect light and give the grass a realistic, natural appearance. This technology offers a superior natural appearance whatever the lighting conditions and the angle from which you look at the garden. Delta II has 16,700 stitches/m², so it is thicker and gains a lot of presence.

When it’s good it’s good.

A design with central nerve structure and curled fibres give Delta II the ability to spring back fast. The blades stay upright for a superior result. A 32mm pile gives it a proud, confident character. These natural looking colours have a superior appearance that you are sure to adore.

Even if you don't take care of it.

Delta II is exceptionally soft, so it feels just like walking on a manicured lawn. It is of little use to promise the best recovery under foot if the product cannot be touched because it is hard and rough, and it is not worth a soft lawn if you later discover that you cannot step on it because it does not recover. Delta II has good recovery underfoot + good touch + good durability, its virtue is in the balance. Your garden will feel great even if you don’t take care of it.

Our commitment: three written guarantees.

1. We guarantee that Delta II will keep its colour for at least 9 years, but that’s not because we have some kind of magic potion. It is because we have done research and selected the best fibres for the products we manufacture. We manufacture with high performance raw materials that withstand the effects of UV light. What's more, if you follow the maintenance instructions your grass will stay in tip-top condition for even longer.

2. We guarantee that Delta II by Albergrass has been classed as Cfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring according to UNE EN 13501-12007. What does that mean? It means that the grass you are buying has passed rigorous fire-retardant tests to ensure that it is safe and offers excellent protection.

3. We guarantee that our products are Made in Spain. The demanding Spanish Certificate of Origin proves it.



Softness tact


Trodden softness

Intensity of use


Height* 32 mm

Stitches* 17.848 p/m2

Fiber shape

Natural look®Yes

* +/- 10%

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