If you're looking for a good price, but not just any turf.

The real and the unreal.

A turf with a height of 35 mm to ensure a real appearance and a good body for the foundation of your garden. The height improves the aesthetic because it doesn't look like a "green carpet".

The aesthetic of the Velia grass from Albergrass is based on a dark green contrasting with a lime shade. This gives it a more natural, attractive and decorative appearance. This is one of the outstanding features of the grass; it looks real but comes at an unreal price.

Let's be honest.

Velia turf is designed with central nerve structure. The fibre together with the central nerve helps recovery after being trodden on. But to be honest, this one feature doesn't mean we can promise the best recovery after stepping on it. There are other turfs in our product range that guarantee better recovery. So we would say that the Velia turf has an average recovery rate. This means that it returns to vertical much better than other turfs in the same price range because those others don't have a central nerve. Take into account that this turf offers the best performance in areas that are not intensively used. It's for spaces that do not have much pedestrian traffic. For these types of areas, we guarantee that the Velia turf will be visually very attractive for many years.

Superior response to the eye and touch.

Velia turf is softer than any other at this price level. It's a turf where a lot of attention has been paid to ensure comfort to the touch and the footstep because of its 17,798 stitches/m². This turf is manufactured with polypropylene to ensure the feeling of a full turf, a feeling of a turf that really covers the garden wherever you look, a turf that offers sensations far beyond its price.

Our commitment: three written guarantees.

1. We guarantee that Velia will keep its colour for at least 7 years, but that’s not because we have some kind of magic potion. It is because we have done research and selected the best fibres for the products we manufacture. We manufacture with high performance raw materials that withstand the effects of UV light. What's more, if you follow the maintenance instructions your grass will stay in tip-top condition for even longer.

2. We guarantee that Velia by Albergrass has been classed as Dfl-s1 in fire-retardant tests for fire resistant flooring according to UNE EN 13501-12007. What does that mean? It means that the grass you are buying has passed rigorous fire-retardant tests to ensure that it is safe and offers excellent protection.

3. We guarantee that our products are Made in Spain. The demanding Spanish Certificate of Origin proves it.



Softness tact


Trodden softness

Intensity of use


Height* 35 mm

Stitches* 17.848 p/m2

Fiber shape

* +/- 10%

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