Paddle turf with Endurance Pro: the rules change

What happens when the reference brand in artificial turf for gardens innovates in the sport of paddle? The rules change. Endurance Pro is the technology to make paddle turf last for longer...

With the arrival of the Albergrass Endurance Pro technology, three categories of artificial turf for paddle come into existence:

The turf with fibrillated fibre
It is designed with a fibrillated system and polypropylene base material. It is the first type of turf made for paddle. Usually at a cheaper price, but with less performance and less resistance to wear and tear.

The turf with monofilament
It was a great innovation at the time and is a product made of polyethylene. It offers good features that correspond to a higher price. The Albergrass Excellence II turf is in this category.

The turf with Endurance Pro
The Albergrass innovation that changes the rules in turf for paddle. It changes the rules because its fibre achieves better behaviour and benefits. It is made of high wear resistance polyethylene. Its price is very competitive and attractive. Albergrass Match II turf and Albergrass Winner turf incorporate Endurance Pro technology.

Endurance Pro for paddle turf:
stronger, for longer

We carried out resistance tests on turf wear with Endurance Pro with the independent entity Aitex. The result is clear: the grass with Endurance Pro keeps the perfect playing conditions after 50,000 cycles.

That means it lasts 30% longer, or that it remains in perfect playing conditions 2 years more than the standard artificial turf for tennis paddle.

30% more is an important saving of the investment, it is a better amortisation of the resources invested, and greater satisfaction for those who enjoy the court. Endurance Pro changes the rules: more years, better game, more savings, better investment.

It has a special formula by which, despite having only 5,500 Dtex, has a resistance to wear produced by friction far above the fibrillated products on the market. This is one of those cases in which less, is more.

Endurance Pro is:

- A fibre that retains the sand better and therefore requires less maintenance.

- A fibre that offers greater durability (such as monofilament) and progressive slow wear, which ensures good games and better court aesthetics over the years.

Turf Albergrass with Endurance Pro