Artificial turf for...

Gym (Crossfit)

Better on a comfortable and resistant surface. Comfortable for the athlete, resistant for making profitable the investment in the artificial turf during more years.


The first grass intended and designed to make a lawn out of your terrace.

It is the result of a technological design achieved thanks to the combination of a very low height and its density in stitches: grass that looks very dense and feels soft and pleasant. As we know that you sometimes love to go out on your terrace barefoot, we made it really comfortable. In addition, its aesthetic four-colour design offers an unbeatable natural appearance to the terrace’s most common viewing angles, which are generally different to those of a lawn.


A winning stroke.

The Excellence II artificial turf is ready for the hardest games. It is manufactured in monofilament PE (polyethylene) yarn with a hexagonal structure for a more even wear. This enables the product to offer better performance over time, even after periods of intensive use of the court. The Albergrass artificial Excellence II turf is the perfect product for clubs, sports centres and for very active residents' associations with over 75 homes. It's a product ready for playing hard, keeping rivals moving, dominating the net as soon as the opponent gives an inch.