Artificial turf for...


When you put Albergrass turf on your court the problem is that you no longer have excuses, so if you do not win you can not say it was because of the court, or because the ball did not vote well, or because.... And we say it because the Albergrass padle turf offers the best durability in optimal conditions for the game.


A winning stroke.

The Excellence II artificial turf is ready for the hardest games. It is manufactured in monofilament PE (polyethylene) yarn with a hexagonal structure for a more even wear. This enables the product to offer better performance over time, even after periods of intensive use of the court. The Albergrass artificial Excellence II turf is the perfect product for clubs, sports centres and for very active residents' associations with over 75 homes. It's a product ready for playing hard, keeping rivals moving, dominating the net as soon as the opponent gives an inch.

Match II

Innovation allows you to play more for less.

The Match II turf is ideal for a residents' association or private paddle or tennis courts. How many games a week can it withstand? Lots, don't worry. It's a technical turf that provides optimum performance. The Albergrass Match II turf is manufactured in fibrillated PE (polyethylene) yarn with high wear resistance. So it will give many years of perfect playing conditions with minimum maintenance.


Each point counts.

The Winner artificial turf is for those who want everything. Durability: a court that stays perfect for many more years. Practicality: the least maintenance and the best result. Precision: for every hit of the ball, with precision in every smash. This professional technical turf is at the high end of the market. It is manufactured in fibrillated PE (polyethylene) yarn with high wear resistance. Its composition includes 65,000 stitches per m2; that's why Albergrass Winner is was conceived and designed for the top professionals. If you only want the best for your club, Winner is the winning turf.