Artificial turf for...

Wall (vertical garden)

Now you can have an original and comfortable vertical garden on any wall of your house. Original because with our artificial turf you can imagine the shapes you want. Comfortable because you will not have maintenance problems and will look green today, tomorrow, next month, next year...


The first grass intended and designed to make a lawn out of your terrace.

It is the result of a technological design achieved thanks to the combination of a very low height and its density in stitches: grass that looks very dense and feels soft and pleasant. As we know that you sometimes love to go out on your terrace barefoot, we made it really comfortable. In addition, its aesthetic four-colour design offers an unbeatable natural appearance to the terrace’s most common viewing angles, which are generally different to those of a lawn.

Velia 30

When price and quality are in perfect balance.

Perhaps only the best high quality turf manufacturers can manufacture an artificial turf of this quality at this price. We've put all our technology and experience into an artificial turf that doesn’t disappoint at a price that surprises.


Walk on it without worrying and enjoy touching it.

Manufactured with a central nerve, it stands proud and springs back quickly. All with a superb texture and touch. We knew we’d be able to manufacture grass for high transit areas that feels wonderful.

Step III

Good value and practical.

Shades of green and a straw thatch give this grass a natural appearance. Four colours for a look and quality that you won't find anywhere else for this price.