A winning stroke.


Monofilament of 9.000 Dtex with hexagonal structure, without breaking points that offers greater durability. The fiber has 205 microns perfectly distributed so that the wear of the turf will be slow and progressive. It offers an attractive aesthetic thanks to its two-color design. A professional sports turf with high recovery after the footstep. A high professional level resilience to ensure the best aesthetics and the best bounce of the ball every time. Albergrass Excellence is offered in two-tone green.

Recommended uses

This professional sports turf is perfect for clubs, municipal sports centers, hotels and campsites that seek to have a durable surface. Perfect for those who want to monetize their investment for longer. Its great technical performance allows Albergrass Excellence to be a premium option for individuals and neighborhood communities who want the best for their courts.

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Technical Features

Thread Monofilament of 9,000 Dtex of PE

Height* 12 mm

Stitches* 48.294 p/m2

Fiber shape

* +/- 10%

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