Good to know that it’s make to last


Made with the best raw material.

Albergrass uses the fibers of Mattex Yarns® or Ten Cate Thiolon™, manufacturers of recognized prestige worldwide. In Albergrass we manufacture with the best raw material. That's why we guarantee in written the characteristics and results of our turf.

Made in Spain.

Albergrass is the first company in its sector that has obtained the OEC label: Spanish Origin Certificate. This distinctive certifies the Spanish origin of the turf we manufacture.

Made with precision.

With the right amount of microns in fiber, at least 100 microns in each part of the fiber.


For intensive use.

Albergrass manufactures turf recommended for intensive use. A turf that is designed to be stepped on and trodden on a daily basis and offer perfect performance for more years.

For average use.

Albergrass also manufactures turf recommended for medium type use. A turf that is designed for everyday use and to support in perfect conditions for years the enjoyment of the family in the garden.

For decorative use.

Albergrass also manufactures turf recommended for decorative use. A turf that is designed to be stepped on occasionally and that guarantees years of perfect aesthetics.

Knowing what you make each type of turf helps ensure more years in perfect conditions of use. That each client chooses the turf that suits them according to the type of use envisaged ensures to enjoy more years of a garden in perfect conditions.


To last more years in perfect conditions.

Is the goal of our turf. Because we conceive artificial turf as an investment. An investment that the client amortizes when they enjoy every day of a perfect garden, when the garden is perfect for more years.

Lasting is that our turf has an estimated lifetime of 15 years.

Lasting means that we will guarantee you in writing that the turf will be in perfect condition between 7 and 10 years. To do this you just have to choose the turf depending on the type of intended use. For this you just have to follow a minimum maintenance. For this you just have to choose Albergrass.

More years

For Albergrass, technology is the basis of good turf. First we imagine a superior technology and then we create it. And all because we imagine that you will want a garden in perfect conditions more years, right? That's why Albergrass turf is made to last.

Goood to know that there are three keys to know how to buy artificial turf


Knowing how to compare

Artificial turf is a technical product because it’s a technological development from various types of fibers and manufacturing processes. This means that depending on the raw material used and the technology applied, the result of the product and its benefits can be very different. Therefore, not all artificial turfs are the same. That’s why we advise you to compare what each type of turf offers you and their respective prices.

If you only compare the turf by their prices and not for the benefits and the type of use that you need, you have many possibilities of making a mistake in your choice. Because sometimes the cheap option results expensive; and other times the expensive option doesn't mean that it fits the needs of use. If you search for the optimum choice: compare prices, benefits and technologies.


Artificial turf is an investment

Buying turf is investing in your house. Investing in more free time because of the little maintenance that artificial turf requires. Can you imagine not having to mow it anymore? Investing when saving in fertilizers, chemicals and water. Investing by giving more market value to your home.

This is the reason why you should view buying artificial turf as any other important investment. You have to take into account the price of the installed turf, and not only per square meter, and the duration in good conditions of it. If you take into account only the price per meter you are forgetting to count the installation cost, which in some cases depending on the type of surface may be relevant.

Let’s put the following example:


You have located two turf brands. Brand A costs 30 euros per square meter and brand B costs 22 euros. Your garden has 100 meters, so the turf will cost in the case of brand A 3,000 euros and with the other brand 2,200 euros. You like more the turf of 30 euros, but the one of 22 euros offers a saving to take into account.


So with the turf of brand A, that is more expensive per square meter and you like it more, the cost per year of enjoyment is 450 euros, while with the turf in appearance cheaper the cost is 616 euros year of use.


Brand A ensures that your turf will be in good condition for 10 years. This means that the total investment divided by the time duration in good conditions is 4,500 / 10 = 450 euros per year. Brand B offers a lower quality turf and its duration in conditions will be about 6 years. In this case the cost in euros per year is 3,700 / 6 = 616 euros.


So with the turf of brand A, that is more expensive per square meter and you like it more, the cost per year of enjoyment is 450 euros, while with the turf in appearance cheaper the cost is 616 euros year of use.


Consider the Decitex

The Decitex is a unit of measurement of the yarn that indicates the weight of 10,000 meters of yarn in grams. Thus, the smaller the decitex, the thinner the thread. Normally the Decitex are presented followed by a bar and a number, such as: 8800/8, this would mean that the turf has a fiber of 8800 Dtex and 8 ends, so that each end has 1100 Dtex.

For a turf of gardening the advisable thing is that each end has between 850 and 1100 Dtex. The density of the fiber tells us how soft and cushioned the turf is.

Advantages of any turf (including ours)

7 were 7 advantages


Permanent color.

Natural grass suffers in its appearance the consequences of extreme temperatures, either by the effect of the sun and intense heat, or by the effect of frost.

Artificial turf always shows an intense green in any climate circumstance. In Albergrass we develop turf with different patterns of chromatic design, so that you can choose the combination of tones that you like, and you can add a touch of personal color to your garden.


Honey, I’m not going to mow the lawn.

The turf doesn’t have to be mown, obviously. Which translates into fewer hours of personal effort or not paying a gardener every fifteen days. So you save money and you earn time.


Eco aquatic.

Artificial turf is a sustainable alternative to have an evergreen garden without having to water it. Water consumption is reduced to a minimum, since the garden will only need to be sprayed from time to time to clean and freshen it. Neither need chemical products for maintenance and gardening. One more saving and an ecological behavior.


Bye bye mud, bye bye stains.

After raining you won’t have mud in the garden. Albergrass turf doesn’t get muddy thanks to its perfect drainage and because the silica sand filling does not make mud. So when it rains there will be no mud to step on and enter to the house.

Who hasn’t returned home with green-stained trousers after playing on natural grass? Well, with Albergrass high quality artificial grass, those green stains are over. You can leave your children playing on the lawn with complete peace of mind because they will be clean and won’t be stained. You can even play with them, it doesn’t matter if you lie down, drag yourself or kneel. It is the end of the green spots on the clothes.


Safe and healthy.

Albergrass turf is safe and healthy because it doesn’t contain any toxic substances or heavy metals.

Did you know the vast majority of allergies in summer are due to natural grass?

Well, with Albergrass turf you will avoid those possible allergies. Maximum security to enjoy to the fullest.


Friendly with pets.

We have contrasted in tests of real use that Albergrass turf is liked by dogs, cats and other pets. So if you have a pet, Albergrass artificial turf won't be a problem but three solutions:

- Because they like to lie on our grass.

- Beacuse they won’t get muddy.

- Because they’ll have less bacteria, since the "bugs" do not like our turf and that’s why they flee as soon as we install it.


True sun protection.

Albergrass artificial turf incorporates protection against the sun's UV rays. In fact, almost all turfs incorporate some type of protection against UV rays, since otherwise in a few months the turf would lose its aesthetic.

The key is in the quality of sun protection. Incorporating UV protection into the fiber of the turf is not cheap, so some cheaper turf may have a low protection factor, which will cause it to lose its properties and aesthetic much sooner than a high quality artificial grass.

Every drop counts

Saving water, saving with Albergrass.

Some people are surprised, but artificial turf is more ecological.


Your time is to live.
Your time is to enjoy.
Your time is not for having to mow (the grass).