Integral Play®
The safe park, the green park, the clean park

A patented and exclusive Albergrass solution based on a park with artificial turf and a special cushioning system.

Integral Play® is probably the best solution to have a perfect playground. Perfect for the constant green, perfect for safety in case of falls, perfect for greater hygiene and cleanliness.

The safe


Integral Play® by Albergrass complies with the HIC (fall cushioning official standard). This is an insurance against falls, our system can cover up to a 2.6 m critical height of fall.

Other solutions in the market do not meet the legal requirements for cushioning after a couple of years. They don't comply because they deteriorate and harden over time, modifying their HIC initial properties. Due to the multi-layer system, the Integral Play installation protects the basic core of the system from the inclemency of the weather therefore it can comply with HIC standard for a longer time.


Integral Play® by Albergrass incorporates a patented anti-vandalism structure that makes it difficult to remove the installed artificial turf. The system makes subtraction difficult because it does not allow you to take large pieces, which discourages night visitors with bad intentions.


Integral Play® is installed with Albergrass anti-static turf, therefore, it is safe in relation to the uncomfortable sparks and the possible inconveniences of the accumulation of static charges in the soil due to wind or friction.

The green

Always green

Integral Play® is installed with the Albergrass Discover turf. Although it can also be installed with other turfs, this one is the most recommended for this type of use, since it is an artificial turf based on high strength sports fibers, which support continuous wear of about 60,000 cycles.

Our installation with artificial turf can be near areas with soil or sand without any problems. Thus, both types of spaces can coexist in the garden. As you probably know, the rubber floors for parks cannot be close to spaces with sand or dirt because, due to the wind effect or the drag on the feet, remains of sand or dirt are deposited in the rubber causing it to compact, harden and lose the damping properties. Therefore, this is another important advantage of the Integral Play® solution that improves the security and duration of the installation.

The integrated green park, the green in the sun

As you have already realised, Integral Play® is based on a surface of the park with artificial turf. Without a doubt, you only need to look at the examples in the photos, the green tone makes the colours of the playground equipment stand out, allowing for a more attractive and playful aspect to the park area. Highlighting what should be highlighted: the games where children enjoy.

The clean

Artificial turf is an easy surface to clean and due to its characteristics also prevents the proliferation of mites, bacteria and all kinds of insects. Therefore, a garden with Integral Play® and Albergrass Discover turf creates a space more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Integral Play®
A system in three parts

The Integral Play® system consists of three basic elements that are:



Albergrass Discover artificial turf.

- Artificial turf designed specifically for playgrounds. For that purpose, we use a fiber based on sports formulations that guarantee greater durability by offering greater resistance to wear.

- Antistatic artificial turf according to standards.

- Artificial turf with a green aesthetic that looks highly natural.


Anti-vandalism system (Sistema Protect). It is a system designed for public parks, which hinders the removal of turf.


CareTech: the elastic base, the heart of the system that provides the ability to absorb impacts. It is a polyolefin closed cell foam that does not absorb any water and with both vertical and horizontal drainage capacity. By protecting it from inclement weather with the turf, it maintains its impact-absorbing properties for more years than other systems.