Match II

Innovation allows you to play more for less.


A professional turf for paddle that surprises by its quality-price ratio. A unique value combination thanks to Endurance Pro technology: a high-cut fibrillated Polyethylene (PE) thread that gives greater durability with progressive and uniform wear. A new solution with guaranteed results. The way to enjoy a high-quality court for reasonable prices. Albegrass Match II is available in green and blue.

Recommended uses

This product is perfect for individuals and neighbourhood communities, clubs, municipal sports centers, hotels and campsites that seek to have a more durable surface, and therefore, more profitable than with the economic products of the market. In colloquial terms, Albergrass Match II is for those who want high performance at a convenient price. Those who want a controlled investment but do not want any annoyance after a few years of use.

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Technical Features

Thread 5.500 Dtex of “Endurance Pro” PE

Height* 12 mm

Stitches* 44.094 p/m2

Fiber shape

* +/- 10%

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