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The thread used in the manufacturing process of artificial turf is complex and technically advanced in terms of its production so that it can provide the quality, strength and durability required in all conditions for which the turf has been designed. 


Since the beginning, artificial turf has been manufactured without structure or plane. It’s not until now, that its manufacturing process has evolved, adapting to the new applications and creating different shapes on the structures of the thread. 


Below we show you the most common shapes that you can find in the structure of the thread used for manufacturing artificial grass (C, M, W, diamond … etc.): 


Depending on the internal structure, parameters such as recovery, feeling and resistance to breakage will vary. 


At Albergrass, we choose the structure of the thread according to the application to which it will be destined, carefully choosing the decitex and width, as well to get the most balanced product with best properties. 

How is the New Generation of Artificial Turf Different from that of the Past? Fri, 13 Sep 2019 09:28:18 +0000 Elea

Whether you are considering using artificial turf for an outside seating area or the lawn surrounding your home, the new generation of artificial turf has changed the way people think about artificial lawns.


These new versions of synthetic turf have fewer concerns surrounding their use and they are also much safer.


New vs. Old

Old generations of artificial turf contained several different materials. Lead was among the most controversial ones.


For years, the artificial turf was placed in recreational facilities and stadiums as it was much more economic and durable as compared to natural grass.


When it was discovered that lead has detrimental side effects, artificial turf manufacturers started to reevaluate how it was made and what to replace this material with in order to improve the product’s durability and performance.


New generation of artificial turf is made from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PE) and nylon-polyamide fibers.


The new combination of materials has resulted in a turf that looks and feels more like natural grass than anything from the old generations of artificial turf.


In the processes of manufacturing new generation of artificial turf fewer chemicals are needed, that’s the reason why it is more secure.


Older generations of synthetic turfs resembled heavy carpet. Also, in order to absorb pressure and stabilise the turf, it was made with a thick rubber backing.


Synthetic grass manufactured today is made with components that better imitate the feel and structure of natural grass without any heavy rubber coating that traps moisture and odours.

Benefits of New Generation of Artificial Turf

New generation of artificial turf offers many benefits, such as:


  • Increased durability thanks to better construction
  • Cost efficient (no fertilising, mowing, or any other type of maintenance)
  • Color doesn’t change or fade with time
  • Retains its appearance through every season
  • Lasts several years with little to no maintenance and virtually with no additional costs
  • More resilient under constant traffic of people
Albergrass artificial turf

The new generation of artificial turf has been studied extensively in order to learn about its overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Studies performed on it are proving that it is much safer to use and much more cost effective as compared to older generations of artificial turf that have been used in the past.


This new form of artificial turf is well accepted and considered an outstanding training as well as competition venue in different sports fields around the world, as well as their use for landscaping.

The Bottom Line

The new generation of synthetic turf is not only capable of withstanding extreme temperatures but also the constant wear and tear from the traffic of people that tends to break down the fibers.


This new form of artificial turf is used by many international sports federations thanks to its increased performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. It combines the characteristics, feel, and look of natural turf, with the benefits of longer playing sessions, increased frequency of usage, safety, lowest cost per playing day, and fewer cancelled games.

Albergrass artificial turf

Its characteristics make the current artificial turf the perfect ally for the most creative architecture and landscape projects due to its great versatility.


All in all, the new generation of synthetic turf is better than ever before.

Professional maintenance of artificial turf Fri, 06 Sep 2019 04:51:48 +0000 Elea

Professional artificial turf maintenance is essential to attain a plush and evergreen lawn, in addition to extending the durability of your artificial turf.


The professional installers already consider certain aspects to maintain the synthetic grass in perfect conditions; that’s why either to install artificial turf or if you are thinking of doing an annual maintenance of your lawn, consider using professional providers.

What services should be expected?

Albergrass professional turf maintenance

These are some of the methods used in professional maintenance to enhance and maintain artificial turf.


  • Inspection and repair of seams and edges: the joints may open due to excessive traffic of people. The professional team inspects all seams and repairs those that need it.


  • Removal of debris: the easiest and fastest way to remove waste from synthetic grass is to use a leaf blower, blowing all the debris to one side and then removing them.


  • Artificial grass brushing: brushing artificial turf helps reducing the flattened appearance of the lawn, lifting the fibers and removing traces of the garden.


  • Infill replacement: infill is lost through use due to strong winds or excessive traffic of people. The professionals perform the replacement of the filling sand taking into account the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure that it has an adequate level.


  • Disinfectant perfume application (optional): although it is not necessary, it’s recommended to apply the disinfectant perfume to clean and eliminate any bacteria that may be present, especially if you have pets playing on the lawn.

Why should you consider the professional maintenance of artificial turf?

Professional maintenance of artificial turf helps achieve a revitalised turf for your next year.


It is carried out more comprehensively than any cleaning that can be carried out in a particular way.  It includes the inspection of seams, and you can even replace the turf areas that have suffered the most (by being near the barbecue or because they are a frequent transit area) with new turf, professional cleaning and brushing and, very importantly, the replacement of the infill sand that has been lost by use.

Albergrass professional turf maintenance

From Albergrass we recommend doing a professional maintenance every year, or every two years, to ensure a lawn in perfect conditions for longer.

Buy green: luxury fashion and luxury turf Wed, 04 Sep 2019 08:31:07 +0000 Elea

Part III: Las Rozas Village and Albergrass artificial turf

Assignment: Create green spaces with artificial turf of the highest quality and durability, with the possibility of carrying out a unique design, following the line of the first phase of the project.


Certified Installer: Mus Paisajismo


Grass: Inverness by Albergrass


Installation surface: 390 m2 of artificial turf + 27 mounds

We are back from holidays with the best news: Las Rozas Village decided to extend the design of artificial turf from the outside viewpoint square to the rest of the streets of the mall.


They contacted us to finish the work following the aesthetics of the first phase we did in June.

Turf installation in Las Rozas Village Madrid

For this last part of the project, we are still in collaboration with Mus Paisajismo, one of our Albergrass Certified Installers, with whom we have worked all the project phases of Las Rozas Village.


Following the designs established by the mall, and not to disrupt the aesthetics created in the first phase, we have continued to use our Inverness turf.


In this last phase of the project, we continued the design proposed by Las Rozas with turf roads, areas and mounds. With this project, the outer area now enjoys a green and eye-catching aesthetic.

Without a doubt, the best environment for a day of luxury shopping.

Green Art and Fashion in Madrid Thu, 01 Aug 2019 23:55:35 +0000 Elea

Part II: Art, fashion and Albergrass artificial turf

Assignment: installation of green areas following the design to accommodate the exhibit of Rozas Village in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum.


Certified Installer: Mus Paisajismo


Grass: Inverness by Albergrass


Installation surface: 97 m2 of artificial turf

The Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum has reached a three-year collaboration agreement with Las Rozas Village, one of the eleven Villages of The Bicester Village Shopping Collection, through which they will jointly promote art and fashion in Madrid.


This collaboration has been marked by the most anticipated exhibit of Thyssen in 2019: “Balenciaga y la pintura española”. The exhibit links the designs of Cristóbal Balenciaga, one of the most admired Spanish designers, with Spanish pictorial art between the 16th and 20th centuries.


The exhibit can be visited in the museum from June 18 to September 22, and has the support of Las Rozas Village through an experience they have jointly created called “Art meets Fashion”, which promotes the dialogue between art and fashion both in the museum and in the Village, and serves as a magnification of the contents related to fashion.

Turf installation in Las Rozas Village in collaboration with Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum

The installation of green spaces to accommodate this collaboration between the Museum and the Village was carried out by Mus Paisajismo, one of our Albergrass Certified Installers, with whom we had already collaborated.


Following the designs proposed by the mall and to continue with the aesthetics of the first assignment in the Village, our Inverness turf was also used, which has provided a fresh and eye-catching surface.

If you still have no plans for this summer, we recommend you to go to Madrid to enjoy art and fashion on green.

Happy summer!