Do you want to land with us?

Landing in a new way of working in the sector.
Landing in a professional relationship and among professionals.
Landing to take off in sales.

This isn’t just about
selling and buying

For us, this is not about selling and buying artificial turf. This is about establishing professional relationships that help us all to improve, offering a better product to consumers, offering a better service to professionals and thus achieving more satisfaction and more profitability for everyone.

More profitability for the consumer: through a complete offer of different types of artificial turf that incorporate the most innovative technologies and that are made to last and enjoy.

More profitability for the professional installer: improving his qualification, reducing his operative costs, increasing his commercial contacts and supporting him from the proximity of being manufacturers in Spain. Because at Albergrass we design our turf thinking about how it will be installed. Thinking that the installation process is easy and profitable.

More profitability for us: because working with authentic installation professionals always makes things easier and generates more opportunities.

If you want to get in touch with us, you just have to «contact»:


+34 966 567 153

Manufacturing, installing
and winning.

If we speak and we get to know each other, we will propose advice and prices about our artificial turf. In this way you can easily decide if you want one of our products for a particular installation.

We will explain the advantages of each turf and the commercial approach that helps to sell them better. We will provide communication support created by our Marketing Department to help you in the sale.

We manufacture, you install and the customer wins. They win in satisfaction and in a perfect garden for more years. Because Albergrass artificial turf is manufactured to last and last and last...


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