Stadium Mix

Designed specifically to reduce Splash.


Artificial football turf designed specifically to reduce Splash. The Splash is the rubber that comes off from the effect of bouncing the ball. This turf ensures less dirt in the field environment and more durability of the installation. To reduce the Splash effect, we have combined professional sports fibers of various types and composition. Among them, the "Endurance Pro" thread with high resistance to wear that helps retain the rubber.
Extraordinary resistance to wear. It has proven maximum resistance after 70,000 cycles in the lisport. Or in football terms, after chasing the ball for kilometers and kilometers. It is made with a hexagonal thread that provides more resilience (recovery after being stepped on) and no breaking points.

Recommended uses

Professional turf for football 5, football 7, football 11, and rugby. It can be used in schools, hotels, campsites, and municipal and private fields.

Technical Features

Thread 17,500 Dtex

Height* 40 - 60 mm

Fiber shape

* +/- 10%

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