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Perfumes, cleans and cares for your artificial grass

All the aroma of freshly cut grass without the work of mowing it. It is now possible to have a healthier garden and protect your children and pets. In addition to all this, VER de Verde ULTRACARE makes artificial grass last even longer in perfect condition.

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3 immediate advantages

The new exclusive Albergrass innovation is the only product on the market that:

1. Perfumes: makes artificial grass smell freshly cut for hours.
2. Cleans: sanitizes the garden and gives it an antibacterial and antistatic effect.
3. Cares: generates temporary protection against the UV rays of the sun for artificial grass, thus extending its useful life.

In addition, VER de Verde ULTRACARE meets all the requirements of current international standards of quality, biodegradability and respect for the environment with the ECOITEL 100% Ecological Product Certificate.

Hassle-free format

Our VER de Verde ULTRACARE comes in a 750 ml spray bottle.
A hassle-free format: you just have to spray and go!

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Easy use mode

Its use is simple: just spray the artificial grass from time to time with VER de Verde ULTRACARE. In this way your garden will get the three benefits.

Are you going to spend an afternoon playing games in the garden? Well, a little earlier spray it with VER de Verde ULTRACARE and you’ll have a pleasant smell and better protection.

Do you have guests for dinner? At the same time that you light the fire to prepare the barbeque, spray the grass and you’ll be ready to enjoy its fragance and protection.

VER de Verde ULTRACARE works (of course) with all types of artificial turf, but it’s better to put the best on the best, right?