We think Technologically.

We think that the artificial turf market can’t be based solely on a decorative factor. We think that the future of artificial turf lies in technical innovation. We think that it’s necessary to develop proprietary technologies that improve the turf in all its dimensions: performance, aesthetics, added value, durability…

And we think that some competitors are copying us (what are we going to do), they are beginning to imitate technologies like the ones you can discover if you keep going down.

Step on it and it will rise:
Instant Recovery®

Instant Recovery® is the Albergrass technical solution to guarantee the best recovery after being stepped on. The solution that makes artificial grass recover verticality after being stepped on, or after placing a chair, or a table, or lying down, or whatever you do in the garden.

We don't just say it, we demonstrate it:

The keyword is Nylon

Artificial turf can be manufactured with three types of raw material as a base. Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or nylon-polyamide (PA). A good manufacturer is able to achieve a turf of reasonable benefits using polypropylene or polyethylene as a base. But to make a high quality turf the only option is to use Nylon as a raw material.


Nylon is balance.

With Nylon the pile of grass is stable. If the pile is too hard it does not feel so good, and if it sinks too much it won’t spring back after you step on it.

Nylon is resistance & recovery.

The spring effect of Nylon is much more durable than that of other fibers and, thanks to this, artificial turf is much more resistant and has an unsurpassed recovery after being stepped on.

Nylon is security.

Nylon has a higher melting temperature than other materials, so artificial turf made of nylon has a higher resistance to fire. That is why all Albergrass products with the Instant Recovery feature have, in addition to an unsurpassed recovery when stepped on, the classification of reaction to fire Cfl s1: the best guarantee for a fire-resistant artificial grass.

Nylon is better looking and feels better.

The well-worked Nylon allows to manufacture a turf of unbeatable appearance and touch at the moment of being installed. But it also allows you to continue enjoying the same look and feel over the years. Therefore, a lawn made with Nylon is an investment that guarantees a better result and greater durability.

In Albergrass all the turf identified with the Instant Recovery® icon offer the best recovery after being stepped on and are made with Nylon, which we will tell you if you ask us and we will guarantee you in writing.

Under a sun that warms less:

With the new Feelgood® solution, artificial turf heats up less. Normal turf absorbs heat from the sun's rays, which can mean uncomfortable temperatures on the surface. Albergrass turf with Feelgood® refracts sunlight and dissipates heat into the atmosphere instead of absorbing it, which results in a cooler turf.

The result is a turf you can walk more comfortably on during sunny days. With the Feelgood® solution you will have a lawn between 7 and 12 degrees cooler than with another artificial turf.

We don't just say it, we demonstrate it:

Seeing is believing:
Natural Look®

Natural Look® the artificial turf that shines the least.

One of the criticisms of artificial turf is that seen from some points of view, and under certain lighting conditions, it can reflect much light that gives a bright and overly synthetic aspect. Good installers know this and take it into account when planning the installation.

Therefore, they study the position of the house with respect to the garden and the solar orbit, in order to guide the placement of the turf so as to minimise this possible inconvenience. With Natural Look® the orientation does not matter anymore, nor the lighting conditions: the grass will not shine, period.

We don't just say it, we demonstrate it:

The accuracy of Natural Look®

Brightness is a property that is related to the reflection of the rays of light on different surfaces. Depending on how polished / smooth that surface is, the reflection of light rays will be greater or lesser, so that the more polished / smooth the surface, the better it will reflect the light and therefore the more it will shine, and vice versa.

The synthetic fibers with which turf is manufactured, due to their physical and chemical characteristics, have a high degree of light reflection, since they usually offer polished surfaces and therefore can shine a lot.

In Albergrass we meticulously select the fibers with which we manufacture our products. One of the conditions of selection is that the fibers are as matte as possible to minimize the brightness, so that our turf offers a natural green appearance in all conditions. But now we have also improved our best turfs with the Natural Look® solution. A technical solution that offers a rough surface at the microscopic level that helps disperse light rays, thus offering a lower degree of light reflection. In other words, making it shine much less. In this way we achieve an Albergrass turf with Natural Look® that has a natural look in all conditions and from any viewing angle. We are sure of two things: the eyes of our consumers will appreciate it and the good installers will thank us.

Innovation makes us free:

Static-free® is the technological innovation of Albergrass to release and eliminate the electrostatic energy of artificial turf fibers.

Goodbye to "little sparks" forever.

In Albergrass we never settle for the ordinary.

Typically, textile fibers under certain environmental conditions are charged with energy. The drier the environment and the colder, the more likely to notice sparks because of the friction with the product.

It is not a severe problem because spraying lightly with water, we bring moisture to the lawn, and "it is over." But at Albergrass we always go further, and we have taken the challenge of permanently eliminating static energy with new innovative technology.


Well, we cannot tell you because everybody always tries to copy us. But we assure you that in the products in which you see this, Static-free®, mark, there will be no electrostatic energy charge. And so, we offer a safer product in playgrounds. For children to play freely and comfortably. And without "sparks"!

To last longer
is more profitable

Albergrass turf is made with the best raw material: Mattex Yarns® or Ten Cate Thiolon™ fibers. Albergrass turf is manufactured with the optimum number of microns in fiber, at least 100 microns in each part of the fiber. Albergrass turf is manufactured to have an estimated lifetime of 15 years.

Because if the grass installed lasts longer, it ends up being more profitable; more profitable for our customers who enjoy their garden more, and more profitable for us, because satisfied customers end up recommending us to new clients. This is the reason why high quality artificial grass is more profitable for everyone. That’s why doing things well is more profitable.

The value of the turf that offers you
the most balanced features (always)


We design the turf with a structure that optimises its recovery capacity after being stepped on. This is why our turf recovers its verticality like the best competitors at its level.


We manufacture with the best raw materials in the world. This is why our turf offers the best durability guarantees: more time and more time in good conditions.


We manufacture the turf with fibers that offer the best softness to the touch. This is why our products are just as soft to the touch as competitors at the same level.


We design the turf with different chromatic solutions that were created using over three shades for each colour. This is why our turf has a very authentic, natural aesthetic.

Pure Balance

Only Albergrass turf stands out for its balance. The balance between softness, resilience, durability and aesthetic. That’s why you may find a softer turf, but it will definitely be less resilient, or less durable, or bear a less pleasing aesthetic than ours. You may find a more resilient turf, but it will definitely be less soft, or less durable, or bear a less pleasing aesthetic than an Albergrass turf.

In short, you may find a product better than ours in one of the square’s corners, but none will be better with all of them combined. Because none of them have better balance, because Albergrass turf is Pure Balance.

Is this the squared circle?

A logical tip to know
how to buy turf

We recommend that you read the characteristics of each turf and compare them.
Do not buy on impulse, do not buy just for the photos you've seen.

Ask each manufacturer about each product and above all ask for written guarantees of what they offer and promise, it would not be the first time in this market that someone says they'll do one thing but does not dare to guarantee it in writing.