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The Albergrass Winner professional turf is offered in an attractive two-tone green aesthetic, which gives it a differential point. This is a professional turf with a different proposal thanks to the Endurance Pro technology: a high-cut fibrillated Polyethylene (PE) thread that gives greater durability with progressive and uniform wear. A new and innovative solution. The way to enjoy a high-quality court for reasonable prices. The Albergrass Winner turf has a higher stitch density, 65,000/m², which translates into 2 benefits:
- Greater durability.
- Less maintenance, since it retains the sand better.
Albegrass Winner is available in bicolor green and blue.

Recommended uses

This product is perfect for clubs, municipal sports centers, hotels and campsites that seek to have a durable surface. Durable to guarantee an adequate return of the investment with more years of court quality and satisfied customers. This turf is a very good option for individuals and shared living communities who want a good court at home.

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Technical Features

Thread 5.500 Dtex “Endurance Pro” PE

Height* 12 mm

Stitches* 65.092 p/m2

Fiber shape

* +/- 10%

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