Artificial turf for...


Surround your pool with a turf specially designed to be next to it. A more comfortable, more practical and more durable turf.

Aberdeen II

We wanted to make the best artificial grass even better.

Superior crush resistance thanks to Instant Recovery® technology. Grass with a superior appearance, featuring feelgood® sun repellent for cooler grass. What more could you ask?

Melange Arena II

The quest for perfection.

Walking and lounging on this beautifully soft grass is a delight to the senses. With Instant Recovery technology it springs back perfectly. Melange Arena II is the superlative choice for your garden.


A new way of looking at grass.

Superb colour engineering and a shade of green that looks spectacular around your blue swimming pool. Instant Recovery© means you can jump around the pool, into the pool, wherever you like! With Feelgood© to keep you cool underfoot in summer.

Delta II

There’s no mistaking a good thing.

Colour engineering for an extremely natural appearance. You’ll love walking, lounging and playing on this soft, dense, artificial grass...


The formula for perfect balance.

In three tones of green, this grass is superbly natural-looking. Functionally speaking, the central nerve makes it ideal for busy areas with its effective spring-back properties. What’s more, with a height of 38mm, it is pleasantly soft to touch. Eureka!

Alpine II

The advantages of Premium grass at a medium-range price.

Two shades of green and straw-brown and mint-thatch fibres make this grass spectacularly attractive. It isn't the cheapest grass on the market, but it is the best value for money.